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  • Its effortless style and warmth make it a must-have for anyone seeking comfort and relaxation.

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We are a new clothing brand with a focus on comfortability and style. The brand is called D.R.I.P. and stands for Dipped Royally In Purple. We all love being comfortable, that’s just how it is. But can you still look good doing so? That’s what we’re trying to achieve here at D.R.I.P. and why we’re using high quality materials for our products. We feel purple is an underrated color and it’s our favorite one so we want to give it the love it deserves. This is a brand for all of you Royal Majesties out there. Our ultimate goal is to get you fitted. Stay majestic Kings and Queens!

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D.R.I.P. Essential Shirt | MULTIPLE COLORS D.R.I.P. Essential Shirt | MULTIPLE COLORS
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D.R.I.P. x Filipino Community Center T-shirt D.R.I.P. x Filipino Community Center T-shirt
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This is the epitome of comfort and relaxation. With their elastic waistband and loose fit, they provide unparalleled flexibility and ease of movement. Whether you're lounging on the couch, going for a jog, or just want a comfortable option for your daily activities, sweatpants are the ultimate choice. Their casual style and versatility make them a wardrobe staple for anyone seeking comfort and practicality.

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The hoodie is a cozy and versatile staple in any wardrobe. Soft, comfortable, and practical, it's perfect for lounging around or running errands. With its relaxed fit and adjustable hood, it's ideal for dressing up or down.

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